The 3 Best Cloud Storage

The best cloud storage should offer the space you need, on the operating system you love, at a price you’re ready to pay. It should also be easy to use and navigate so that you’re able to just dive right in without needing a crash course in the basic use of the platform.

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One of Dropbox’s handiest features is Camera Upload — especially because there’s no file size limit on mobile. Enable it from the Photos menu on your phone or tablet, and any photo you take will automatically be uploaded to your Dropbox account the next time your device connects to a WiFi network.

Google Drive

Like most file-sharing interfaces, Google lets you specify the people you want viewing or editing your work at any given time, and you can easily grant or deny access requests. You can also opt for Google’s Backup and Sync feature, which lets you connect your Drive to your personal computer and any other files you choose outside the existing data in your cloud storage.


Box’s privacy controls are independently analyzed by third-party auditors, and every file you store is encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption. Box also offers built-in FTP support and gives you full disclosure of the information it tracks from your data.

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“Cloud storage platforms can and have been hacked, including the well-publicized attack on Apple’s own iCloud. However, this was largely due to poor password security and not an actual breach of the cloud storage itself. Since then”

Linda Jarman
Support Specialist

“Yes, there are a lot of things that could go wrong (take the Yahoo and Equifax data breaches, for example), ”

Kevin Camp
Support Specialist